Martika Week: New Mp3! posted by Aris on 05-19-2015 08:24
Continuing our birthday week for Martika, here is a beautifully restored and remastered album version of her singing 'Drive' by The Cars. You can listen and download here.

Want to download it? Once you click on the link, right-click on the player and hit 'Save as'.

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Happy Birthday, Martika! posted by Aris on 05-18-2015 09:00
It's Martika's birthday today! And what better way to celebrate than an HD video of her performing the KIDS Incorporated Theme Reprise from the season 2 finale 'Decade of Hits'. You can watch it in HD here.

This video has also been remastered with high quality audio and recolored video. We hope you enjoy this! Make sure if you are on a Mac or PC to tune into the 720p60f feature which gives it a live-look. Enjoy!

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New video! posted by Aris on 05-16-2015 06:14
Here is a great video of Mickey (Jerry Sharell) performing Rick Springfield's hit 'Human Touch' from season 1 of KIDS Incorporated. This is from the episode titled 'The Robot'. Enjoy!

You can watch it here.

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New mp3! posted by Aris on 05-13-2015 17:56
Here's Jennifer Love Hewitt & Devyn Puett from season 6 of KIDS Incorporated performing Tracie Spencer's hit 'Symptoms of True Love'. This has been remastered for your listening pleasure.

You can listen and download here. Enjoy!

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It's Mp3 Monday! posted by Aris on 05-11-2015 05:23
Here's Kid, Stacy & Renee singing She's (He's) So Shy from season 1 (1984) of KIDS Incorporated. The audio has been remastered for your listening pleasure. You can listen and download here.

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New Mp3! posted by Aris on 05-06-2015 16:46
It's Mp3 Wednesday! Woohoo! Here's Renee & Connie bringing down the house with E.G. Daily's smash hit 'Mind Over Matter'. This is from the season 4 (1987) episode 'Modern Music'. The mp3 has been remastered for your enjoyment. You can download or listen here

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Mp3 Monday! posted by Aris on 05-04-2015 17:45
Here's a beautifully remastered mp3 of Stacy Ferguson (Fergie) singing 'If You Leave' by OMD from season 3 (1986) of KIDS Incorporated. This is from the episode 'World Traveler'. You can listen and download here. Enjoy!

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New Video Upload! posted by Aris on 04-30-2015 10:44
New video! Here's Jennifer Love Hewitt & Kenny Ford bringing the house down with Bobby Brown's hit 'Every Little Step I Take' from season 6 (1989). You can watch the remastered video here on YouTube. Enjoy!

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New Music Wednesday! posted by Aris on 04-29-2015 11:34
*5/2/15 Link fixed*
Here's Jennifer Love Hewitt, Anastasia Horne, and Haylie Johnson singing 'This Old Heart Of Mine' from season 7 (1991) of KIDS Incorporated. The audio has been remastered. You can listen to it here. Enjoy!

The audio has been remastered.

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Music Monday! posted by Aris on 04-27-2015 08:02
Effective today, every Monday and Wednesday we will post a new mp3 from KIDS Incorporated that you all have asked for. You can follow us here, Twitter, and YouTube!

We hope you enjoy them. They are all remastered.

Today's mp3 is Gloria (Martika) singing 'No More Words' from season 2 (1985) of KIDS Inc. from the episode Material Girl. Listen here.

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Halloween KIDS Inc. Episodes posted by Aris on 10-02-2014 04:56
It's October and that means the KIDS Incorporated Halloween episodes are making an appearance on YouTube again! Watch the season 2 (1985) classic episode 'The Phantom of the P*lace' in 720p HD here. Enjoy! Leave a comment.

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Hello There! posted by Aris on 08-13-2014 05:43
Hi Everyone! Just letting you know the site is being worked on via the back-end and enhancements will be made soon. Thanks for all of the fans that visit on a daily basis. You all mean the world to me! Thanks for helping in keeping the KIDS Incorporated spirit alive.

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Update posted by Aris on 04-30-2013 09:45
Hi Everyone! We know the site has been quiet, but we do promise some new updates soon. In the meantime, we have been uploading tons of new videos in HD on our YouTube channel which is located here.

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Updates posted by Aris on 01-10-2012 14:36
Hi Folks! Updates are coming soon. Sorry I have been so busy with work and stuff and now have more "me" time and will be able to update this site at least once a week. Hope you'll stick around for me! Thanks so much for your support over the last few years. You guys are awesome!!!!

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New Site posted by Aris on 03-02-2011 14:49
Hi Folks,

Letting you know that a new site is in the works and will be available sometime in May. It will utilize new HTML5 technology. I can't wait!

Also, KI-Radio will be making an appearance ago hopefully by the end of March for 24 hour radio streaming.

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So yeah... posted by Aris on 02-19-2011 17:20
The site is not dead. I apologize for not updating. KI-Radio will be back in a few weeks as we are moving it to a permanent virtual server in a professional environment so it cannot be down, and if it is; it will be rare!

So a lot of stuff coming your way including a redesign in the summer. I am putting more effort into this as there are tons of KI fans and I do not want the memory to die. I love all of the fans that keep coming here and showing your support. I am also going to monitor the forums a bit more. I apologize for all of the stuff that's going on there!!

I am going to commit to updating at least once a week whether it is a video clip, episode, special mp3, article, random chat, etc. I want this to remain a welcoming and enjoyable site for fans of the series!

Thanks so much for your support!!!


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Jennifer Love Hewitt "Save Us The World" Video posted by Aris on 06-07-2010 12:24
Special thanks to Chad W. for the link below. This is the rare music video for Jennifer Love Hewitt's single "Save Us The World". This was part of a released album of hers while she was on KIDS Incorporated. They shorted the song for a KIDS Incorporated episode in 1991.

Click here to go to YouTUBE and watch it! Thanks again, Chad!

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New Attitude Album Posted posted by Aris on 06-06-2010 09:22
Hey Everyone!

After a long delay, the New Attitude album has now been posted. You can find the link up above to the right or by clicking on Audio/Video up on top and then going to Albums. Enjoy!

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KI-Radio Fixed! posted by Aris on 06-05-2010 08:09
KI-Radio has been fixed and the new links are up above. Thank you for your patience and all of your e-mails!

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KI-Radio Down posted by Aris on 05-04-2010 06:14
Hey Folks,

KI-Radio has been down for a while and we didn't know. I guess if I checked my e-mail more often I would have realized it, as well as a few people telling me. haha!

I will check very late tonight and get it back up and running. As well as testing it to make sure it's fine.


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New Attitude posted by Aris on 04-16-2010 06:37
Good day folks! I'm posting some of the New Attitude album this weekend for your listening pleasure. Please note: Selling these albums is illegal. Please do not do so. They are for your own enjoyment only.

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KI-Radio posted by Aris on 03-22-2010 18:12
Good day! KI-RADIO is now up and running. The new address is Please change these numbers accordingly. Once I can gain access to the information at the top of the screen I'll change them accordingly. You just have to change the numbers before the colon symbol ( in wherever you have the numbers stored in your players.


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KI-Radio Down posted by Aris on 03-21-2010 16:18
Hey Folks,

KI-Radio has been down for maintenance since around 3PM EST time today. It will be back online at around 9PM tomorrow night. Some new songs will be added, too!

This week we will be posting part of the NEW ATTITUDE album from Season 2.

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Children of the World posted by Aris on 02-02-2010 07:44
***NOTE: This video is no longer available on YouTUBE***

Below is a link to the children's version of "We Are The World" from 1985. This was filmed and recorded inbetween Seasons 1 and 2 of KIDS Incorporated. You can see Jerry, Martika, Rahsaan, Renee and Stacy in this special, as well as Shanice, Alfonso Riberio, Heather O'Rourke and notable other child stars of the 80s.

You can watch it via YOUTube here. Thanks to Dawne for sending this in.

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Site Outage posted by Aris on 02-02-2010 07:35
Good morning,

Thanks to Dawne and a few other people yesterday. The site was offline from about 10AM until close to 6PM due to a server outage and partial hack into our server. The issue has now been resolved.

Thanks! -Aris

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Happy New Year! posted by Aris on 01-01-2010 15:52
Welcome to 2010, everyone!

We're posting 3 of the 4 official KIDS Incorporated albums today. Please go to AUDIO/VIDEO on top then to "OFFICIAL ALBUM" for download! They have been beautifully restored and remastered from my own vinyl collection including the 1983 album that was released ahead of KIDS Incorporated: The Beginning!


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Treats for Halloween! posted by Aris on 10-31-2009 09:42
Two treats for today:

1985: Phantom of the P*lace
Cast: Stacy Ferguson, Martika Marrero, Rahsaan Patterson, Ryan Lambert & Renee Sands

Synopsis: Something strange is going on at the P*lace. A lot of their instruments and clothing are disappearing and can't figure out what's happening. Could their be a Phantom? Find out and see!

Right-Click and Save As | Windows Media Format (75MB)

Song List:
He Could Be The One
Neverending Story
Somebody's Watching Me
Things That Go Bump In The Night
Goonies R' Good Enough


KI-TV Special: A KIDS Incorporated Halloween
Featuring scary songs from KIDS Incorporated

Right-Click and Save As (You will need RealPlayer or VLC Player for this)

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KI-Radio Server posted by Aris on 10-26-2009 07:42
Good day!

The KI-Radio server is back up!


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KI-Radio Down for Maintenance posted by Aris on 10-23-2009 06:16
Hey Folks,

Sorry about the down time for KI-Radio. My friend was working on the server and didn't tell me he was going to be doing so. The radio hasn't been live since around 4:03PM yesterday. He has to install some security software, as well as some other server updates. This actually gives me time to add about 30-40 new songs to the database for your enjoyment.

It *should* be back up later tonight, if not sometime tomorrow. Thanks for all that e-mailed to tell me. I'm glad you all are enjoying this!


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KI-Radio posted by Aris on 10-03-2009 20:27
Hey Folks!

So far we've had great uptime since it launched on September 13. We haven't been down at all. I just wanted to let you know once in a while a song may play twice, that just happens to occur once in a while as this playlist is in shuffle mode. I can't really fix this.

Also, I will be adding some new music each week. I have a lot to add from 1991-93 so that's what will be added here and there. I have about 150-ish songs to add so I'll trickle them in.

I've received a lot of feedback and I'm glad everyone is enjoying it!

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